HoMa calls JoBao out to discuss the way he is raising up Ah Ka because she is really concerned he’ll waste his life by indulging into the risky stock market. However, Jo Bao gets really fussed, denying there was anything wrong with it. I was surprised that although JoBao appears that he doesn’t care about anything she had to say, he actually tried doing something about it later. He tried to convince Michelle to let Moses come back and work for their family business, despite the fact Moses is against her, not calling her “Mum”.

Moses knows the woman would not let him back easily and we see this as she pretends to welcome him yet wants him to start bottom up, saying its for his own good -.- Clearly Michelle would make it difficult for him but I’m glad JoBao and Grandma were concerned and tried to help Moses get at least a Manager position in their business. At the end, Michelle still stood firmly on her grounds thus Moses proves his point about her.

On the other hand, Raymond and Linda have a good time hanging out together and this new gets back to Michelle. She gets HaYu to talk to Raymond, telling him not to peruse Linda and implies he is not good enough for her..what the heck?? -_-I’d thought their concern would be that Lind a is Raymond’s step sister..but scared that he’ll get hurt? That he is not good enough her?  Saying something like that to his own son??

Ah Sa is back (already xD), she claims that her ex-husband has given her $400,000 to settle the dispute out of court. Very strange I’d say lol She tells her sister that she wants to invest the money into the cake shop, since it was originally their fathers and she feel that she should have a part in it . I had a bad feeling about this …and yes, she does cause trouble for them. Firstly she hires some employees without asking HoMa and they do very poor job with the food. Next she buys a “Ga Ho Yuet Yuen” name board for their store and hangs it up, arousing the injustice that HaYu etc has stolen their business name which originally belong to them!

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 7 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    This episode also had two scenes where JoBao claims that he is very happy with his current life, much better than the poor days in the past before Michelle came along. He speaks so loudly with confidence when Tavia and Raymond asked him.
    Sometimes it makes me wonder i that’s what he really thinks, so just doesn’t want to admit the fact they were correct? (similar to the talk with HorMa at the beginning of the episode)

  • nich says:

    He is just trying to convince himself that he made the right decision to leave HorMa. He is just reassuring himself about it time and time again, which proves that he isn’t really as happy as he appears to be.

    Maybe more will be revealed later on.

  • Summer says:

    nich ~ yes i agreed… he always feel ,he made right decision for let go HO MA and choose Hung.. in tis series.. i would felt Joe Ba,is useless lo.. such dad, wil ask the son dun too close wif Ah Chow and even seeing the song playing stock market tat terribl,sound nothing and only listen to the wife … USELESS …

    and i really cant stand SA YI..really wanna slap her, she is more worst then Kau Fu Bo ( HOG ~ Yuen Siew Cheong ) … she is the trouble maker.. create problems and problems.. but if w/o her, nothing tat we can watch..haha.. 🙂

  • nam1ra says:

    JoBao’s honest feelings is revealed in ep.10. Have you watched it? He misses his family with Ho Ma..

  • Suby says:

    lmao Raymond’s face when he sees Sa yi XD

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