Currently up to Episode 16 of [Fathers and Sons] and [Episode 26 for The Drive of Life] and I’m really enjoying both series- both of different genre and style, so its a nice combination to be watching them together.

Watching both series that 10 episodes apart, I’m finding some similarities between both series happening at the same time while I’m watching it which is what this post will be about ^^ As usual *this post contains spoilers*

[Parental Secrets]

Episode 15 of FAS

The truth comes out about Bobby’s real parents. Always thinking that his father had abandoned him and his mother for another women, and having his own separate family- we learn that Bobby and his mother were the actual ‘third party’.

Episode 24-25 of TDOL

Benz and Ron’s real relationship is revealed as father and son. Ron is actually Ben’s child (from a women other than his own wife), but kept this secret from his wife, and left Ron to be adopted by a close friend of his so he could always look out for him. Ron’s adopted father suddenly planned to migrate to Australia to live with his family so Ben wanted to keep Ron close to him, to hired him to work for his car business and offered accommodation as well. It turns out that Ron already knew that Ben was his real father but didn’t want to cause any problems for him so he continued to act like he didn’t know. He wasn’t angry at Benz at all (what a filial son! he’s such a good boy..) alnd was really happy when Benz invited him to dinner and asked him to work for him because he could always see him. When Mary (playing Ben’s wife) found out about Ron, an argument broke out where Mary accidentally injures Benz and he was sent to hospital. It turns out that Benz had some serious Liver problem and needed a liver transplant! Upon hearing the news, Ron immediately offers to donate his liver to his father and Ben’s wife begins to accept him in as part of their family.

In both series, we have a man who has cheated on his wife and ended up having a son with the women. Both Ron and Bobby’s mother have passed away. Despite Ron and Bobby’s characters being the”third party” to the family, we still like them because they are innocent (we’re not supposed to hate them lol) Why are men so unfaithful?
[Secret Crush and Photo Moments]

Episode 16 of FAS

Episode 16 had more Tavia x Wong Hei moments (like episode 15). Up to this point, Tavia has secretly fallen in love with Wong Hei but he doesn’t know her feelings (until later in the episode) Tavia and Wong Hei accidentally kiss each other and a photo was taken of this. (I actually found that part very ‘forced’ The situation didn’t make sense for the two to kiss each other, unless they were planning on kissing the little girl but it didn’t look like they were planning to) Tavia kept the photo in her diary and takes it out often to look at and smile at XD

Episode 26 TDOL

In this episode, Myolie returns home to Hong Kong and her father and grandma suddenly brings up the fact she should find herself a boyfriend rather than focusing solely on her job as she claims there isn’t time for that kind of stuff. When teased by her grandmother about Raymond taking care of her, Myolie becomes shy and goes back to her room. There she smiles as she looks back at the photos she had taken with Raymond <3

[Supporting Casts]

  • Myolie’s father (TDOL) and  Bobby’s boss (FAS)
  • Joe’s mother (TDOL) and Tavia’s mother (FAS)

Both appearing in both series, with both characters not having any interactions with each other, my mind often goes blank for a second or two when I see them appear in different show right after each other. This isn’t really much of an comparison but I just like to put it here =)

3 Responses to “[Moments of Comparison] FAS & TDOL”

  • hkangel says:

    Oh wow, thanks for Myolie caps ^_^ Funny how both Tav and Myo have a crush on someone and looked at photos of them. ^.^

  • nice catch! haha the myolie/tavia scenes are so cute!

  • F.B.I. says:

    in a way shows how TVB uses the same plot again and again
    and oh did I mention again?

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