Hi everyone!

How are you all? It has been awhile! I’m glad to be back =) My computer crashing has caused a lot of inconvenience for me, and at the end,  I was still not able to recover the screencaps I’ve previously made (and yet to use)…so I guess I’ll have to remake new ones to post up. I’ve also been trying to install my programs back but it doesn’t help that by CD drive is also broken (err…hmm..) I’ve downloaded the Media Player Classic but some ‘thing’ is missing, and any real player files playing on it doesn’t have sound! So if I was to make screencaps, I’d have to rewatch it there and make screencaps with no sound =X Hopefully I can figure something out soon..

On the other note, I have finished watching Forensic Heroes 2, and I shall post something about it sometime. As you can see on the “Currently watching” list on the sidebar, I’ve started on both Speech of Silence and Love Exchange (episode 2), even though Speech hasn’t been that engaging so far. I’m watching it because it’s been put on the 7pm slot on TVBJ Australia *a little disappointed but yeh..*

I’ve also been rewatching Golden Faith (2002) and I’m enjoying it heaps even though its the second time around 🙂 I love watching Gallen and Jessica there <3 I also like Gallen’s brother/sister relationship with Myolie. Such a great series! It’s gonna feel a bit funny watching them as a couple in the upcoming “When a Dog loves a Cat

On top of that, I still have some older TVB series I plan to catch on which I’ve previously skipped  like DIE, The Silver Chambers of Sorrow..and Dayo Wong’s To Catch the Uncatchable (2004) <–this being the one I want to watch most! All thanks to Dayo’s great performance in Men Don’t Cry 😉 and the positive comments. Should be good 😀

Mmm..what else do I have to say..oh yes! The banner lol ahah..yea I hope to change the banner soon ~ Didn’t realise I’ve kept The Master of Taichi one for 4 months now! I’ve always wanted a new banner change but there hasn’t been a TVB series/scene that really inspired me, or I was busy during those times. I would have liked to have ‘Long Leg Crab’ from Catch Me Now, but it’s a bit late now XD Hopefully it’ll be from Love Exchange or the highly anticipated Moonlight Resonance when it is released (Previously referred to as Heart of Greed 2) 🙂

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  • sugar says:

    Hiya K, good to have you back hehe.
    And hope you do watch the older series soon. xD
    You still remember MDC.

  • Moonlight Resonance says:

    Yay banner change soon! Hopefully something fromMoonlight Resonance, and not so bulky…

  • lola says:

    ooh…i would like something from MR tooo =D

  • Jadedreams says:

    Welcome back ktvb!

    Definitely try to watch To Catch the Uncatchable! 🙂 If you like him in Men Don’t Cry, then you will adore him in TCTU. He has added so many funny slogans in TCTU, and plus he has way more chemistry with Ada compared with Cecilia.

    Maybe you could a new banner on Golden Faith or To Catch the Uncatchable, or even better a rehash of all the best scenes of the series you’ve seen this year?

    Both Speech of Love & Love Exchange aren’t very addicting, but they are both decent series though. However, the themesongs for these two series are quite awesome.

    Can’t wait to read your thoughts on FH2 and of course TCTU!

  • Vicki says:

    hey kerry-san… you probably don’t have sound because you’re missing codecs, go on the microsoft downloads page and download a codecs package and you should have sound



  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ good ur pc is back soon.. its been abit bored w/o ur nice screencap … haha.. ya, me oso same as u, watching 2 series now SOS and Love Ex.. its quite nice watching SOS … and wil start wif Love too..coz, quite busy recently ..so, abit slow lo..

    Ya, is nice to watch old series agian.. esp, the 2 series tat u watch back , is a nice series..soon we can see Gallen Lo again in coming up series ” When a Dogs Love a Cats “… cos, tis series, got Gallen Lo, then oso MArgie Tsang , and oso Lui Fong, tis is nice.. few that we long time dun see artist appear on screen again.. its nice..
    and of course, the most waiting is Moonlight * HOG II * … wanna watch Bosco la..haha…

  • KL says:

    To catch the uncatchable is one of my all time favourites. i personally laugh at anything and Dayo and Ada were just too funny.. abit cheesy and predictable with the cases but stil fab!!

  • kinki says:

    I agree with Jadedreams, yeah, you should really watch To Catch the Uncatchable (2004)!!! Dayo & Ada are hilarious in there!!

    I am currently watching SOS too..I found it alright so far, not too boring =P Kate looks great with her long, straight hair.

    How’s the Love Exchange? I watched the 1st ep., dunno why it didn’t make me wanna start the 2nd ep. though. So how is it??

  • KTVB says:

    To sugar: ahha, of course I remember MDC 😛 Have you seen TCTU bfore?

    To Jadedreams: That’s great to hear ^___^ (TCTU)

    To vicki: i’ve downloaded a codec package, not doing aything atm..

    To kinki: I’ll have a post on Love Exchange soon XD

  • qing says:

    hi K! nice to see u back! yes! to catch the uncatchable is nice! very funny 😀 and i love LE too! 😉

  • Elizabeth says:

    Wow,you should watch TCTU.It was fuuny,i loved it,unhappy ending,sorry for telling you that.

    Well,i just finish Forensic Heroes II too,i loved it,it was awesome to me,i also think they might have a third one cuz AHHH i forgot what it was,lolx but also i think its weird cuz when i see Bobby in a series for police or something,than there’s going to be a next part,like Armed Reaction,he was in all them,lolx,like Forensic Heroes,i hope there would be a next one.

    I just started Love Exchange,i thought it was quite good so far,im like in the third episode,i think lol.

    Oh,i totally agree with you,about Golden Faith,love seeing Gallen&Jessica.I thought Gallen&Myolie was really cute Bro&Sis.Oh i like tha star necklaces in the series!(sorry,random)

    YAY,i think you should wait for Heart Of Greed II for the banner thing,i think its going to be awesome.

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