Simply the two series airing at the same time, which series do you like better?  Storyline wise, character wise..which are you addicted to more and why?

Personally I think both series are ok. The two have really nice themesongs too. I have always anticipated Love Exchange over Speech of Silence and I prefer the cast in LE (namely Michael and Anita). The storyline in the first half of LE does get a bit sidetracked from the main storyline though, but I still find myself eagerly watching in hope for the “real” story to happen. vote goes to Love Exchange!

Which series do you like better?

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Maybe I should have made a poll for Love Exchange and Catch Me Now instead since they have similarities haha..

17 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Vs. [Speech of Silence]”

  • Summer says:

    i vote for Speech of Silence, cos although Love Exchange gt Anita and Mic Miu, but come to so far , i watch up to episode 8, its dun give me any surprises and got the mood on chasing the series.. in another Speech of Silence, i love the theme song and the story its not tat bad… so, i vote for Speech of Silence..

  • Jadedreams says:

    yeah, so far I think both series are only ok. The plot isn’t very exciting for both. Love Exchange has potential with the plot on ah Dick & Bonnie, but they side-track this for quite a long time. I understand they were trying to build up the relationships with Michael & Anita but I think there was a little too much focus on their families. However, I also enjoy it overall.

    As for Speech of Silence, I enjoyed Kenneth & Kate’s relationship. I think Kate fared pretty well as the leading female and that a majority of the time was focused on her. As for the other characters, not very interesting.

    So the romantic relationship of Kenneth & Kate in Speech of Silence is better than Anita & Micheal’s, but I think I like Love Exchange in general with the plot and characters more.

    hmm…I didn’t think Love Exchange is similar to Catch Me Now. I think CMN has more excitement lol.

  • Nicole says:

    I believe that Love Exchange is better because I thought that Speech of Silence the plot isn’t very exciting. It a love triangle story between Claire, Kate, and Kenneth. I thought that Love Exchange has a more interesting plot. I usually watch series that have some mystery in it so my vote is for Love Exchange. Speech of Silence is not bad but I just don’t like the theme song. Joyce Cheng isn’t such a good singer. I think Kary Ng is a lot better.

  • sammiluver says:

    i vote speech of silence, i am watching love exchange right now and its pretty good but i dunno.. i just like speech of silence better.

  • -Anita says:

    I vote for Love Exchange. Though, I am usually a sucker for sweet romantic dramas, Speech Of silence to me is pretty boring (though I like Kate & Kenneth), not much really happens and it does not really make you anticipated to watch the next episode. I watched half of the series, then decided to watch LE and found it far more interesting because it builds suspense and mystery that leaves you curious. I’m currently up to the final episode and is waiting impatiently for the final episode to be released. On another note, HEART OF GREED 2 (Moonlight resonance) IS GONNA BE RELEASED SOOOON! 😀

  • -Anita says:

    Random moment:
    ANITA YUEN – We got the same first names ;D

  • Ginna says:

    I vote for Love Exchange as this series attracts me to chase one episode after another. Maybe just because I like Anita and Michael. I like the storyline which have mystery and some sort like detective story.

  • miki says:

    I think both is pretty okay! Love Exchange got more of a plot and Speech of Silence is more of romance. But i will vote for Love Exchange.

    LE is have everything. Romance and excitement.
    SOS is mostly about romance and it didn’t give me the feeling that makes me want to chase after this movie.

  • sugar says:

    I like both, but I started on LE first and now I have just started SOS. I like mysteries better than a romantic storyline? But both are okay ^^

    I cannot choose yet but I have to say I like Kary’s singing better than Joyce’s. Is it me or is SOS’s themesong shorter? xD

  • Chun.ella&kevin.niki says:

    Vote 4 speech of silence !! Really love it !!

  • hearrts says:

    i like speech of silecne better.
    i finished speech of silence in 2 days, whereas i at least took 2 weeks for love exchange

  • Vaneffle says:

    Speech of Silence was much better than Love exchange. SOS grabbed my attention because Kate’s character was half deaf. And the story was good. On the other hand, LE was just weird

  • turtwig says:

    i’m watching both right now 😀 i really really really LUV mysteries, but i prefer Speech of Silence better. I watch it on cable, so there are commercials and everything. The commercial for LE was just plain creepy…but then again, i’m only 4 episodes into the show 😀

    (btw,does anyone else here watch it on FTV???)

    • KTVB says:

      haha yea LE ads/episode previews makes it look all exciting etc haha

      I watched mine on TVBJ (satelite in Sydney), so it has the commercials & everything too. Where you from? I haven’t heard of FTV before

      • Chris says:

        FTV- Fairchild TV in Canada. I think having TVBJ from satellite is better. FTV airs TVB series that are like a year old and everything, so most people just watch online or rent rendering the station pretty much useless. No offence but everything is slower in Canada…lol

        • Phoenix says:

          To me, I like Fairchild TV better because the quality is better than the videos online and I don’t know rental stores that have TVB dramas.

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