The movie trailer for Laughing Gor Movie 2 (a continuance of TVB Series Lives of Omission) was released earlier this week! The ending of the series was left open to allow a movie to be possible. Although the trailer doesn’t disclose too much, I’m a bit excited to see what they have to offer XD  I think the English Title is “Turning Point 2” XD


The Blessing Ceremony was also held, with the leadings casts being: Michael Tse, Francis Ng, Chapman To, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Kara Hui and Janice Man.

Movie to be released in cinemas in HK 29 December 2011.

11 Responses to “Laughing Gor [《之潛罪犯》] Movie Trailer!”

  • Ri says:

    They’re really milking this Laughing Gor franchise for all its worth! But have to admit the trailer is intriguing. I noticed Fala’s name wasn’t on the cast list and for that I am thankful. I mean seriously, how many times can they resurrect Fala on this Laughing Gor franchise. They’ve already played the “they just look alike” card so I hope they don’t come up with some ridiculous reason to put Fala back in -.-

    Maybe Bosco didn’t die!! Actually I can’t rmb – did they actually find his body or whatever at the end of LOO?

  • lve88 says:

    will tvb be releasing this ?
    will there a viet title

  • hong says:

    OMG i cant wait !!!! =)

  • Tina says:

    I think just got a little too excited for this! 😀

  • Chibi says:

    Ok so I FINALLY came around to watching this movie, and I gotta say that teaser trailer posted up there is totally misleading XDDD Those exact dialogues were never used in the movie, and it had nothing to do with those shiny rings.

    *Contains possible spoilers*

    I think again, Michael Tse’s Laughing Gor character, like the first Turning Point movie, was utterly passive and uninteresting. Compared to Francis’s character, I feel like Laughing was not really the central character. The movie also felt really pointless in terms of plot. The ending left me thinking, ‘Ok. What did I just watch?’ It sucks that Laughing Gor died in the end (lol, another death) but it seemed like he died in vain again. What did he even get out of it?

    Interesting to see Kate here playing her role as Paris again.. lots of references to the Lives of Omission. Clever use of Bosco in the movie too (as Kate’s hallucination) The end part where she comes out and shoots Francis was pretty good. I think her acting was decent… Totally disliked Janice Man’s acting..a very lame character too.

    MC Jin’s appearance was surprising, but like the series he doesnt contribute much.

    Out of all the Laughing Gor franchise, his role in E.U was the best and most memorable. TVB should have left his role there and not making so much spin-off/sequels which turned out utterly pale in comparison. What made Laughing Gor an incredible character was his interesting personality which was not used at all in the movie. In the movie, we dont see any wit.. He’s just kinda there…

    Anyway, this isn’t a movie I would recommend, and I think the first movie was better.

    • dramaaddict says:

      i agree about the fact that laughing’s wit isn’t used in this series and i felt really sad about that, he just shows up and dies in the end. I was really sad that he dies cause i mean this movie was a sequel to the laughing franchise and he’s the main character but he dies? But i think there is talk about some producers coming together and laughing actually didn’t die from all those gun shots or whatever…….i mean after E.U. them bringing him back was pushing it but bringing him hack from that many gun shots is just too much. I like his witty character and how clever he is but yeah…….

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