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I started chasing this series and awaiting on Episode 11:) Half way through the series already! Is anyone else watching this? 🙂 (although it hasn’t started showing on TVBJ yet)

As previously expressed, In the Chamber of Bliss was a series I wanted to watch. Not only because of the 2 leads, but also because TVB has in the past surprised me on how well these period dramas turn out, despite appearing unappealing at first glance e.g The Silver Chambers of Sorrow, When Easterly Showers falls on the Sunny West. (I’m not usually into period dramas ^^) I think the series is quite enjoyable so far and shall continue to finish it off!

In The Chamber of Bliss Episode 8

I think the highlight of the series for me is the soldier/military/war plot. I often find myself quite engaged with the whole scheming/strategy and tactics from the numerous exchanges between Damien (Choi Cheung Gwan) and Yuen Sai Hoi/Dominic (the bad guys hehe). They both hate each other, but on the surface “pretend” they are working on the same side as Damien made an agreement with Yuen Sai Hoi that he will pledge his loyalty to the Yuen Sai Hoi Government if what he does is for the best for the country. Yuen Sai Hoi knows Damien is really clever and a great General so wants to use him and have him on his side…yet he does not trust him completely and finds him as a threat that will overthrow his government. As a result, Yuen Sai Hoi and Dominic constantly plot schemes against him to pull down his power in hope to ‘tame him’. Watching how  Damien deal with each problem thrown out him is quite exciting. On top of that, issues arise from externally as other countries attempt to take over China..

I really like Damien’s character  from the speech he gave in Episode 1 as be bravely leaves to Beijing to face off Yuen Sai Hoi, to his numerous exchanges/confrontations with Dominic/Yuen Sai Hoi, how he deals with the other 3 generals,  the effort he puts into training his students/the army, his love for this country, love for his family..and the loyalty he puts into his friendship. I was deeply touched by the speech he gave when he returned after his failed attempt of holding Japan off 🙁 The whole loss was pretty sad. He desperately attempted everything to save the country, but the idiot Yuen Sai Hoi didn’t believe him..and now Yuen Sai Hoi also planning to ‘ally’/give in to Japan for his own self reasons and holding Damien’s family in hostage…what will Damien do??

As clearly expressed from Episode 1, In the Chamber of Bliss is not just a war story, but also a love story: a love story between a courageous, righteous, heroic, Military governor ‘Choi- Jeung Gwan‘ (Damien Lau) and ‘Siu Fung Sin’ (Kathy Chow) who is a prostitute. From him indirectly using her; to making her hate him, to her understanding him, and for him to learn about her, the two started to see each other differently and the two become friends.

I really started to pity Kathy in episode 6 when her so-called ‘family’ abandoned her and revealed their true ugly selves. What selfish people!! I can’t believe they humiliated her like that after all she’s done for them and they did not show a sign of gratefulness at all!! Her brother is totally pathetic for listening to his wife like that- how COULD he? Her family meant everything to her and everything she did was for them..what does she get in return?? I’m actually quite annoyed she took them back after all that…

In the Chamber of Bliss Episode 6
It was in this moment of despair, Damien was there for her and saved her when she sought death. It was him who had changed her and given her courage to live on. The two go through some life/death situations and Kathy eventually falls deeply in love with him. It’s obvious Damien cares a lot about her and has feelings for her too. However, he refuses to admit that and  rejects her as he already has a family which I can totally understand. I really like the love he has for his family and somehow inside I don’t want Damien to hurt his wife (played by Krystal Tin) by accepting Kathy. I don’t know what will happen in this relationship but with the numerous flashbacks..I hope their love story won’t drag on…

Onto some other characters…I quite like Kenneth and his friend (Angela’s brother) too  hehe. They play as students currently in training in the army. They’re such good boys lol I always find it interesting in TVB series where the ‘bad’ guys have ‘good’ children XD This is in the case of Kenneth’s father (played by Lau Kong)  and Toby’s father (Dominic). No matter how evil they are, they truly love their children and want the best for them…although what they ‘think’ is best for them may not be ^^;  Could their children possibly change them good? XD I think Dominic might turn good…when he finally realises that being 100% loyal to Yuen Sai Hoi is wrong..Just my personal guess ^^ Did they mention why he’s so loyal to him anyway?

As for Toby..I don’t like her here either =X At first I thought her ‘image’ was quite funny but then she just gets so annoying being so loud and aggressive. Quite unreasonable too (e.g punching Kenneth in the stomach when it was her fault for bumping into him -.-) I actually liked the scene where Kenneth rejects her and points out all the bad things about her lol (I know, I’m slack- but there’s truth in what he says lol) I hope she has less screen time lol

The synopsis says Kenneth is going to like Kathy..? Hope it won’t be too awkward…lol

10 Responses to “[In the Chamber of Bliss] Episode 1- 10 Thoughts”

  • turtle88 says:

    It’s good to here that there are more people who enjoy this series because the ratings are low and people are just saying this series is bad, which I don’t think is true.

    The series is actually quite good for a pre-modern drama and it’s definitely picking up. The characters are interesting and so is the plot line.

    I like the interactions between Kathy and Damien in the series (even though the age gap), but at the moment (just finished ep 12), it’s going to get complicated. Also, I like Kenneth too in the series because of the character and it’s Kenneth Ma. I agree, I don’t like Toby at all, her portrayal is quite annoying actually…yes yes less screen time for her 😛

  • turtle88 says:

    in my last comment, i meant “hear” not “here”.

  • KTVB says:

    Same to you~ good to hear another person who enjoys this series ^^ (I have realised it’s not very popular among those online). I’ve just finished episode 12 as well and shall be onto 12 soon. I can’t imagine what will lie ahead. Will have to watch and see! =)

  • ltvb says:

    for me this drama really best drama and not like people comment and all!!!!damien and kathy really match couple for this drama.so what i want to say is best drama i see.hope this will be happy ending drama…………..

  • TeresaMoRox says:

    hee hee I have been watching Off Pedder, and I really like it, but now that I am watching In the Chamber Of Bliss, I really like it, too. My favourite characters are of course, the same as everyone else: Damien Lau, and Kathy Chow. actually, I just started watching this drama, and I am only at Ep.2, and I found really odd in the later episodes… Isn’t Damien married? why is he with Kathy? I don’t really inderstand, but what ever, I guess I will just have to wait and see…
    Go Kathy Chow and Teresa Mo!!!!!

  • TeresaMoRox says:

    what? Kenneth liking Kathy? very wierd! I just hope that Kathy will end up with Damien… I think that they are a perfect match… sure, I guess it will be sad if he dumps Krystal for Kathy,but I kinda turned my back towards her ever since I watched Love Exhange… But still, he has a kid too… I have no idea what I am saying, but you know what?? It’ll be pretty sad if he doesn’t end up with Kathy anyway, so I have no idea what the story will be about

    • KTVB says:

      Ok…TVB lied in the synopsis lol! Kenneth does not “like” Kathy that way at all..during the whole series so i don’t know where they got that from.
      General Choi isn’t the type of guy who will EVER leave his wife, so it was interesting to see how he will deal with everything

  • TeresaMoRox says:

    I don’t like Toby either… she is just some random girl who is ugly, and doesn’t know how to act. If her dad weren’t some kind of producer, she wouldn’t even be well known…ppl would be like who is toby?I don’t think Toby deserves to be Kenneth’s girlfriend… too odd Kenneth and Teresa Mo rox!!!!

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