December 2006

[Glittering Days] Episode 26

*Geez..Liza’s character is so self centred and insensitive by yelling at Charmaine like that for not asking where Roger lived etc, after she said Roger already had a girlfriend. As if Charmaine didn’t want to know; as if she didn’t try very hard to find him, as if Charmaine didn’t care… Roger wouldn’t say anyway..all Liza cares about is herself.

*When that lady kept having stomache throughout the series, I had a feeling it would have been a serious problem. Sad news..since she was the kind one of the Three Golden Flowers who would mediate between the other two. She only has less than half a year left..
*What the the world? That girl actually died in hospital (Joel’s so-called girlfriend)? ? What a shame..I was looking forward to her waking up so all the fake illusion that Joel has created would be broken =( What a waste of a good opportunity =\

4 more episodes left..

2 Responses to “[Glittering Days] Episode 26”

  • chibi says:

    The worse part is when Joel was saying how wonderful it is that she died… he has no heart at all.

  • FinalFenix says:

    sorry… my chinese isn’t that good. what did the doctor say the lady with the stomachaches have?

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