4 Responses to “[E.U] Episode 27-Screencaptures: The Truth”

  • KTVB says:

    I really like this scene- it’s really nicely filmed! The Black suit contrasting with the White. The weather is cloudy and it’s really windy- all adding up to creating the atmosphere! And those tears in Kathy’s eyes!

    This is one of the climax scenes in the series where Kathy finally finds out the truth- Michael Miu (Hao-gor) being the one who killed her husband! (Shortly after she proposed to him and were happily planning their wedding)

    Michael Miu mistakens Kathy in actually being an undercover-cop who got close to him just so he could gain his love and trust. Thinking that Kathy already knew the truth, he confronts her. But Kathy really had no idea and is heartbroken, and devastated.
    It looked like Michael was going to just shoot her dead as he points his gun at her. However, he ends up giving the gun to her instead…

  • kelly says:

    but micheal miu did told zhi zhong tat if kathy chow kill micheal den zhi zhong have to kathy chow..funny stories..

  • jason. says:

    lol there is a continuity error where her hairstyle changes between the close up shots.

  • chibi says:

    It’s always amusing when the bad guy just assumes they’ve been busted and admit everything themselves…otherwise I guess no one would ever find out.

    This was a pretty cool scene.. though like Jason said, there was continuity errors XD XD

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