January 2007

[Dicey Business] Episode 18

AHhh!! How could Michael be soo evil ? ! ? I’m starting to really hate his charcter even though I don’t want to >< He would never admit he was wrong..is that really more important to him than friendship? Makes me wonder why Michael helped Bobby get back up 10 years ago and become friends with him for? Was he feeling guilty and wanted to make up the loss for him? Michael is just too scary..as Bobby said, it scares him..some people, the longer you know them, its easier to tell what they are thinking, while some others, its like you realise you don't know them at all. (when Bobby was telling Bosco, it seems like it can fit Bosco's situation as well and his crush on him) "And sometimes, you get scared, and wonder if you can still be friends. And you hope the truth isn’t what you think it is” Michael even allies with the bald guy, robs his own Casino then putting the blame on Bobby…omg..if I was Bobby I would never forgive him. Poor Bobby!! >< No one seems to believe him either!! Jessica has left as well~ its up to Bobby himself... I don't know how he can get out of this mess!! Few things I do wonder.. *Couldn't Bobby give him a chance? Bobby said he couldn't pass his own conscience even though Michael begged him~ saying he never wants to beg anyone again since he was a kid.. What if Bobby did give the tape back to Michael, I wonder how Michael would treat Bobby~ will he try get rid of him anyway? *Couldn't Michael have told Bobby the truth, the real reason why he is working with the bald guy (i.e the blackmail)? I'm sure Bobby would try think of ways to help him..from Bobby's point of view, Michael is just working with other guys to cheat money out of the Casino... Will this truth ever come out? *How did they manage to change the security cameras and make Bobby hit Michael? It didn't even look like Bobby...plus, how come the security cameras didn't get Bobby beaten up? Is the security system really that bad? ~~Screencaps~~

Bobby confronts Michael.

The three enjoy their last Hot Pot together..

Bobby hugs Bosco, saying goodbye to him before he leaves again to find evidence to prove himself innocent. (so cute)

Bobby tells Benz to take care of Bosco.

Jessica asks Bosco about his partner, figuring he was talking about himself on the phone (episode 17).

One Response to “[Dicey Business] Episode 18”

  • chibi says:

    This episode was a total shocker! Totally unbelievable, and the preview for the next episode seems to only get worse.. Michael, I am SOOOOO disappointed in your character! How can you be so selfish…

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