Seems to be reused over and over again, yet I still find it quite cute~

Usually, when two characters have met each other when they were younger (usually for only one short encounter), they appear to end up with each other in the future~ they usually don’t remember but realise only after they have meet each other years later. This has happened in The Pillowcase of mystery with Kenix and Bobby’s characters when they have met when they were young. This one was really cute because Bobby’s left arm was injured when he was small when saving Kenix ^^ about brought the whole story together..
More recently…

[Devil’s Disciples] Bosco and Shirley

Episode 17

Bosco’s character saved Shirley and protected her from getting injured when she was almost run by some wheelburrow-like-thing. Shirley recalls this later in the series and eventually tells Bosco.And what do you know? The two end up being together..

[Best Bet] Michael and Linda

Episode 14

Only after the two got married and when Linda was about to leave him, she realises they have met when they were small. Michael used the same technique to cheer her up when he was small…and it was because of this, Linda gave Michael another chance. Linda has kept the string thing since she was a little girl, so I think its obvious she really liked the boy back then, perhaps someone she would like. When she relaises, she asks him.. ‘Why are you that boy? How come..?’

10 Responses to “[Moments of Comparison] Destined to meet again?”

  • Leila says:

    Yes, I have noticed that too! But tvb tends to use the same thing over and over again a lot…

    For example, the one where they walk and walk looking for each other, and end up passing by each other but then they can’t see each other b/c there’s something blocking in between… this one has been used millions of times lol

  • hahaha k … that technique is so cute!! its a good technique to use too XD

  • KTVB says:

    To blue_angel_12: I like it when its used naturally, not when its forced in. Like the pillowcase one fits in so nicely!

    Following this traditional TVB trend, when I watched it, I was wondering if Shirley would end up with Bosco or not XD

    To Leila:
    haha yeh~ that was used in Pillowcase of Mystery as well with Tavia and Benny, and Benny and Linda in the Biter Bitten.

  • Fanny aka Innocence says:

    i agree with Leila…tvb does tend to use the same things over and over again, but they’re good techniques i guess….walking by each other and not knowing is a classic one lolz

  • boskifan says:

    hahaha i kno wen sumthing like those techniques points 2 a start i immediatley kno wat would happen next haha! i get bored of those now only if sumthing new and unxpected happens… 😉

  • kim says:

    yes i also saw it on a taiwanese series… lol (:

  • weirdgirlX3 says:

    wow it is used in a LOT of series now isnt it??=]

  • DP says:

    yeh i agree with KTVB and leila, tvb has used that many times,lol

  • person says:

    i much prefer devil’s disciple than best bet.

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