Moses notices a lolly placed next to the “medicine”. Mary’s servant says Charmaine gave it, telling them they can drink the medicine at ease. The  lolly will sweeten any bitterness. Based on Charmaine’s words, he realises the medicine isn’t poisoned. He drinks it in relief and tells Mary to do the same. He was right! It is revealed that Charmaine intercepted the  two cups and had changed them before they reached Mary. Phew…

Moses and Charmaine Beyond the Realm of Conscience

As a result, Susan and Edwin are convinced they really are infected with the illness. The two are finally sent out of the palace! As Moses is sitting inside the carriage once again, he thinks back to Charmaine; and the first time she gave a lolly to him. He peers out of his carriage but she no where to be seen. He really does miss her. Charmaine is elsewhere, standing by the turtle’s grave, wishing Moses and Mary has a happy and safe life outside the Palace. Aw… I still really like this pairing!

Moses and Charmaine Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Meanwhile, Kevin approaches her, and gives her a gift. Since Moses is out of the Palace, the one person Kevin worries most about is Charmaine. He hopes this scent holder can keep her safe and healthy. Kevin is constantly mesmerized by Charmaine, and the two feel a strong attraction between them.

Kevin and Charmaine Beyond the Realm of Conscience

However, as Kevin and Charmaine’s relationship grow to a new level, they are both taken aback by the expectations of those within the Palace. Kevin’s father was accused of having an affair with a servant and was almost kept imprisoned! Luckily Kevin hastily found out the truth behind the affair, and his father is able to redeem himself. This incident was a reality check for both Charmaine and Kevin, who become disappointed that they potentially cannot be together… How will their relationship turn out?

Even with Moses and Mary out of the Palace, an illness has been spreading around and most have feared for their health. The Palace Proceedings organised for everyone to carry scent holders, said to promote good health. As Tavia approaches Mandy to give her one, she smells an unusual aroma around her. Mandy explains Edwin (the Emperor) has been really afraid lately by the illnesses, and she hopes she can do something for him. She found a priest who claims this medicine (with the terrible smell), will enhance Edwin’s health and well being. He has used it a few times and it appears he is getting better, and consequently more happy. Tavia is a little worried and explains that previous few Emperors also in-took some kind of pill and have died as a result. However, Mandy empathizes the Priest guarantees it is safe to use.

Mandy Cho and Tavia Yeung Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Meanwhile, Edwin is over at Tracy’s who performs to him a (rather seductive) dance to please him, with Kara personally preparing a soup for him. All seems to be going well, until he drinks the soup and ends up coughing out blood! He passes out which shakes the Palace! Kara is instantly locked up as being the suspect.

Hor Wai and the others discuss the cause of the incident. After investigation, they discover the soup has no sign of poison, nor does the recipe contain anything suspicious or harmful. Edwin is still unconscious and not even the best doctors can work out what is wrong. At this moment, Tavia enters and claims she knows the reason behind Edwin’s illness.

Tavia and Hor Wai see Susan to inform her about the pill Mandy has been using. The Head of  the Army (played by Kwok Lun) disses her claims, questioning why Mandy would tell a low-level servant such as herself about it. However, seeing as the doctors are clueless about the cause, Kwok Lun volunteers to search Mandy’s room. It turns out he was the one who told Mandy to give the Emperor the pill! Mandy realises his evil plot and plans to dob him into Susan. However, he kills her to destroy all evidence!.. What an innocent death..

Mandy's death in Beyond the Realm of Conscience

With Mandy’s death, the evil Kwok Lun gets away and the Emperor is saved. Although saddened by Mandy’s departure, Charmaine and Tavia are relieved the House of Proceedings once again overcame an obstacle. Tavia was summoned upon by Hor Wai and she excitedly enters, confident she will get praised this time for saving the Emperor.

The stars  just doesn’t shine upon Tavia! Instead of thanking or praising her, she is scolded at and blamed! Poor Tavia >_<!! They blame her for concealing her knowledge about the pill in the first place, and only coming out after the whole mess has risen. She was completely innocent and only did the right thing, yet she gets this… What’s wrong with these people? They have no logic.. she is the one who saved them all! If it was Charmaine instead of Tavia, I’m sure everyone would shower her with compliments.. it’s pretty unfair. Does anyone else think this, or do you think it really was Tavia’s fault?

Tavia Yeung Beyond the Realm of Conscience

At the end of the Episode, Edwin has a nightmare that Moses wants to kill him. Although Moses and Mary are no longer in the palace, he fears knowing their existence. Susan states they must be killed immediately!  Uh-oh!

Click here to read Episode 10 Synopsis >>

48 Responses to “[Beyond the Realm of Conscience] Episode 9”

  • An Pham says:

    OMG i’m so happy chibi. im the first one to comment this post…yay. just wanna said thanx for the post and all you know…damn you been posting realllly fast lately. like days after days….but that’s a good thing. well at least for me. damn tracy is really hot. and that whole outfit is beast…awww poor mandy.she just became a concubine and now she has to die. u know wuts really weird. she was only in 2 eps yet they still put her in the poster..wuts up with that??? but i totally agree..poor tavia. i know exactly how it feel to be thinking that your gonna get praise but yet you end you getting yell out…ughhhh…stupid people…ohhhh i almost forgot to tell you. they finally dubb beyond the realm of consicence in vietnamese so i can finally watch it…YESSS. i just download the first three episode….and it’s a whole different feeling to watch something that’s actually in your langauage and you actually understand it…..

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for checking back! 😀

      ahahaha… the only reason I was able to post up quickly was because I told my boyfriend not to meet up over the weekend so I can watch BTROC & blog. LOL!! XD (shhhh..don’t tell anyone!)

      I agree, Tracy has the looks..but gotta say I can’t stand her’s really awful >.< You probably won't notice in the Vietnamese version since it's dubbed (lucky you)..but her real voice is extremely awkward. The way she speaks sounds like she's just reciting a script with no emotion or expression. Very unconvincing.

      I also noticed Mandy being on the poster. She also appears in the intermission sequences but she barely plays much part in the show! She died pretty early..I was expecting to see much more from was a bit surprised when it happened.

      And yay for you being able to understand it 🙂

      • kinki says:


        Thanks for ‘abandoning’ your bf (for now) to keep us updated on these BTROC’s summaries!! (just dun let him see this blog! lol~)

        Just wannna say you are doing a great job (detailed summary & thoughts updated quickly) and hope you catch up to the series soon. *applause*

        I just found it awesome to have a place for me/us to input our thoughts and feelings on series we are watching together and to share our thoughts and opinions. (Of course, not to forget about KTVB’s effort on keeping the website updated and awesome!!) =)

        Hope you are enjoy watching the series as much as I do and are having fun writing these blog summaries.


        • chibi says:

          Thanks =) Yes, it’s been pretty fun writing up these summaries and chatting about it with you guys 😀 You guys are great! Thanks for the support! ^__^ So sweet!

      • An Pham says:

        hahaha thats so mean…..ditching ur bf for a series…..but w.e. and yeah i kinda could tell. like the whole part where she pull the hair pin or w.e. off mandy part and then she was like “cheap low stuff” something like that. yeah it was really weird. like you kinda feel awkward just watching it…

        • chibi says:

          Yeah, that was a good example…

          Does anyone also find Tracy’s “purpose” in the story a bit..odd? It showed her being evil with Chui Ma Ma at one stage, but it never really revealed what her true intentions were. I wonder if she’ll actually appear in the story anymore, if she’s just gone for good o_o

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I’m really surprised how all these, I guess “supporting characters” all die off so quickly…Keep updating!

    P.S What episode are you up to?
    (I’m up to 15! And it’s getting better!)

  • kinki says:

    I felt bad for Tavia too. I agree with you guys, they are biased towards Tavia. If it was Charmaine who knew about it, they would have said “Oh, Saam Ho, you’re so smart..blah blah blah” lol~

    Also, although it seems Charmaine & Kevin are going to be together sooner or later in this series, I found myself rooting for Moses and Charmaine. Although Kevin’s a good character in the series too, Moses seems to be better (cos he seems to love Charmaine more)!! Humm…wonder why’s that? And wonder why Charmaine falls for Kevin instead?

  • Kayy LOVES RI says:

    Gees couldnt they have given Tavia some compliment this was partially part of why tavia turn eevill and it all their stupid fault it makes me angry just to see that… if tkhey have iven tavia a little compliment she mightnt have turned eevill…=) Its sad Mandy died already so early

    • chibi says:

      Tavia always gets it bad >.< I honestly don't blame Tavia for hating them for it. Whether you do something right or wrong, you'll always be the one blamed. Was the blaming even necessary? far ungreatful.

  • An Pham says:

    ohhh yeah this is kinda random but i have one chinese friends whose in NYC and she was born in hong kong and you would expect her to watch tvb but she only watch it on an occasion. she mainly watch taiwanese drama. so she’s really know help whenever i want to tlk to her about a tvb drama. that’s why i came here. so thnx for listening chibi. but ohhhh i convince her(it was hard) to watch btroc and she just finish eps 1. she said she was crying at the ending

    • chibi says:

      hehe yeh. I think that’s one of the main reasons KTVB was created- it’s a space where K can share her thoughts on various TVB drama she watches 🙂

  • sandalls says:

    you guys are right in saying that if it were Sam Ho in Gam Ling’s situation, it would be different… I think the four heads of proceedings use their apprentices as scapegoats to make them look better in front of Hor Wai, and in this case, it was Tavia, or it seems that its always Tavia that becomes the scapegoat!!! this story is slowly becoming more logical, because there are reasons why Gam Ling would turn evil later on… very interesting development in character.. I feel that all other characters are already fully developed whereas Gam Ling progresses, which I love!!!

    thanks for sacrificing BF time for Beyond time Chibi!! lol I ditch my friends to come home to watch this series too!!!

    • chibi says:

      There’s too many bitches in the palace… XD XD Charmaine is just lucky that everyone seems to love her and shield her from the bullying Tavia is often exposed to. It would be pretty hard for someone like Tavia not to start having bad thoughts.. I’m surprised she’s last this long actually!

  • eidetical says:

    Yeah I really didn’t think it was Tavia’s fault.. I mean, put in that situation, who would know right? (Except that I sorta knew it right away, since TVB being TVB, their foreshadowing is really obvious).

    And yeah I think this at least establishes why Gam Ling would become evil later on… I mean, you can see that she really treats Sam Ho quite well as a sister (though sometimes I wonder if it partially also stems from her ambitious nature) but it’s hard to not be jealous when everyone seems to like Sam Ho more, no matter what Gam Ling does… But ok, I do think she’s just very very ambitious, because she IS recognised by Susanna for her work…

  • jane says:

    Tavia just seems to have bad luck with all this stuff like she’s cursed or something. Also can’t believe Mandy just dies like that!!

    Now I understand why Kevin and Charmaine are so reserved with one another…they may not be able to be together because of what happened with Kevin’s father in the past so they are more careful and try not to like eachother but they can’t help it but feel attracted to eachother.

    I know alot of you like Mo-Cha but they seem like brother-sister to me…like Charm looks at Mo like a brother so she is nice to him and she’s good-hearted so she wishes him the best…but when ur attracted to someone u get butterflies when they are around so you act different and nervous and not want to look dumb until you’re actually with each other and together…

    • chibi says:

      Guess we can’t have that many “good” characters sitting around aye? xD It needs to be imbalanced with more evil people.

      Actually, I thought Charmaine also had butterflies when she was around Moses, especially in the early stages. I get the impression she doesn’t feel for him that way because of his status, and doesn’t like “dreaming” making it big (unlike Tavia). I think with that sort of mind-frame it’s hard to put your heart out and show them affection. If she loved Moses, it may make her character less..”goodie goodie” if that makes sense? TVB wants Charmaine to be 100% righteous, a total sweetheart to everyone around her unconditionally XD

      Just my speculation anyways 🙂

      Oh, and you’ll probably like my next post which focuses more on Charmaine & Kevin pairing =)

      • jane says:

        i totally know what u mean with mo-cha…charmaine’s character doesn’t dare to dream big to like the king so she doesn’t feel the affection for him and she just sees mo as the future king or just royalty and just wants to be friendly and do her duty to support him…while tavia’s character is more ambitious and would take the chance to move up in the rankings and better her position/life.

        it’s that obvious that i like the charvin pairing huh?? lol.

        i can’t wait till ur next post then…also thanks a lot for taking ur time to post all the thoughts/reviews and also replying to everyone’s posts!! 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    It’s unfair how Charmaine does the right thing and get praises and all that stuff while Tavia does the right thing and get punished for that. I really feel bad for Tavia because of that

  • Rin says:

    I’ve been reading your summaries and stuff but I’m actually posting in this one cus I really want to defend Tavia! Like seriously! Those ladies are crazy! D: how would she know that whatever drug it was is bad Edwin…
    Everyone is totally biased toward Charmaine and always see her as the goody-two-shoes and loves her and everything. In my opinion, she kinda pisses me off sometimes.. there’s a limit to how nice you can be. I think you said it in an earlier blog post that Tavia is more realistic while Charmaine’s character is too fake and I totally agree with that. Well with that out the way I want to say something else.

    I think the reason why most people are going for Charmaine & Kevin is because of Forensic Heroes 2 and then Moses & Tavia cus of Moonlight Resonance… mm but anyone remember Charmaine and Moses from The Dance of Passion?

    I’m only on episode 14, does anyone know when Selena’s gonna come in? & mm is she gonna be with Moses or Kevin… ><

    P.S. After watching 14 episodes, I have to say those court ladies really are bitches. Everyone's out to get each other. I'm amazed Charmaine didn't turn out that way considering everyone around her is like that.

    • lizzie says:

      Selena is coming in in episode 15

    • chibi says:

      Yeah, I think it would be better if Charmaine had a little more depth in her personality, maybe even a few flaws, otherwise she’s reaching the “Mary Sue” stage (which I mentioned in Episode 1 Synopsis). I hope she doesn’t become too annoying, it’ll be a shame since there’s already so many characters we dislike ^^;;

      People seem to be rooting for Charvin because he’s her rumored bf or something? (I’m not really informed about HK celebrity gossip, so I probably miss the hype XD) I didn’t find an chemistry between them in FH2, nor did I see any spark between Moses and Tavia in MR..(aren’t they..siblings??) I haven’t seen Dance of Passion so I’m not sure about that. Either way..I’m quite neutral about this, but I hope whichever she ends up with, there will be more chemistry!

      lol, you’re “only” in Episode 14? That’s pretty ahead :D! HK has only aired ep 16-17 or so. But my guess is Selena will be pairing with Moses, seeing as in the opening credits she’s always standing side by side with Tavia.

  • natalie says:

    first of all, thanks chibi for all the awesome episode guides and reviews! i look forward to each new posts every day 🙂

    i’m so glad so may ppl here share the same thoughts that Tavia was clearly treated unfairly all these while! whatever she does no one appreciates it but Susanna and Michelle are all over Charmaine!! even though she went the wrong way exposing her senior over the poisoned make-up, but she was right to defend herself!! this time she got the guts to tell the truth and instead of praising her, they just scolded her??!! if i’m her, i would turn evil too! 😛

    i always felt Tavia’s character is more realistic and practical in the treacherous world of the Palace. Tavia’s acting continues to shine brilliantly in this series!!

    • chibi says:

      aww, thanks for the compliments :)!

      I think it’s sad Tavia was blamed when she genuinely wanted to help- it’s not like she was plotting against Mandy or anything ~_~ It would be a different story if Tavia deliberately dobbed Mandy in, but she didn’t.

      Scolding at her for speaking the truth which ultimately saved them all is definitely sending people the wrong message! Next time, if she knows something, she’ll just sit and watch quietly while they all suffer, and it’ll all be their fault.

  • fiona says:

    …I really want to watch this drama…but i don’t know…is it really worth the watching when I love Tavia…but Don’t like Charmaine…

    these summaries are amazing,chibi! You rock!

    • chibi says:

      hmm..that is a little dilemma, if you dislike Charmaine and like Tavia ^^; Tavia’s acting is quite good though, and seeing as it’s a lead role I think you should give it a go 🙂 But of course, no one knows exactly how evil she eventually becomes (so I can’t guarantee we won’t start disliking her). If you do choose not to watch it, these reviews/summaries should be a good substitute 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely comments!

      • fiona says:

        haha…thanks!!! yah…I guess I should give this a go…besides…other than Tavia…I also like Selena too, so yah, should watch this!!!!!!!!thanks!

  • TVB Fan says:

    Does anyone why charm becomes moses’s concubine?

  • TVB Fan says:

    HUH? Really? Wow. So, that is Kevin’s kid

  • Rowena says:

    Thanks again Chibi! You’re awesome!

    Man that Kwok Lun really gets on my nerves, he’s so selfish and brutal that he sorta scares me at the same time. You will only hate him more as the series becomes deeper.

    I agree with what you said last. It’s really unfair that almost everyone favours Charmaine than Tavia. But then again, Tavia’s character isn’t the ‘i’m-so-nice-because-i-believe-everyone-is-good’ person so.

    I shall go read your next summary now 😀

    • chibi says:

      Thanks for reading!

      Always knew Kwok Lun was the evil mastermind..he always plays villain roles -such scary big eyes..

      I wonder how we would feel about Charmaine if she was a real person? Would we love her or get annoyed by her being so naive?

      • Rowena says:

        Yeah Kwok Lun either plays the evil dad or evil/annoying uncle. LOL He does a good job though!

        Man, if Charmaine’s character were real, I doubt she’d survive in our society. People would use her and take advantage of her. LOL. She’d get fooled so easily.

        • jane says:


          That’s exactly what Kevin said in an interview I think yesterday…LOL!!

          He said Sam Ho in real life would not survive and everything…LOL!!

        • chibi says:

          haha really? That’s kinda funny XD

        • jane says:

          hahaha…ya, i read it on one of charmaine’s english fansite/blog…sehseh blog/fansite…it was a pretty good and honest kevin interview…LOL

  • fiona says:

    🙂 i am now watching this drama…and it rox!!!!!!!!

  • wei says:

    i just started watching this series yeseterday and this episode today, and i understand why kam ling was punished

    if sam ho was the one who found out she would not have kept the thing secret, she would have done something immediately and either tell the head about this or try to convince the concubine to stop

    • chibi says:

      wow you watch them pretty quick 🙂

      You make a good point about Charmaine, but in reality, how many people are really like her? I think Tavia represents the normal ‘real’ kind of girl, and it’s not as though she didn’t try to convince the concubine to stop.. at the end, she’s only a maid.

  • KTVB says:

    I was so happy for Moses and Mary at the moment they were finally able to leave the palace! Mary was so moved by that moment of FREEDOM! XD

    And smart move by Charmaine once again =)

    I felt sorry for Tavia for being punished and scolded for that. It was not like she deliberately did not say anything, in hope to be “credited and praised” for revealing it so late. She did say so when she heard about what happened to the emperor. Nevertheless I guess this is the kingdom and Tavia should have told someone right away (don’t completely agree with that logic) but can see where they are getting at.

    • chibi says:

      I was so happy for Moses and Mary at the moment they were finally able to leave the palace! Mary was so moved by that moment of FREEDOM! XD

      Yeh 😀 Always pitied Mary so so much… what a relief they’re gone!!

      It was not like she deliberately did not say anything, in hope to be “credited and praised” for revealing it so late.

      Yeah..Tavia isn’t THAT evil yet!! It would have been amusing if Tavia really thought that and got busted- but it wasn’t the case so she was accused for least without any bad intentions 🙁

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