Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

I really enjoyed the last episode and the story overall because it had a good ending ^^

The Business, the CEO, the bet

The CEO of the other company went to find Lawrence and his father and tries to convince them that it was best for [Trustworthy Property] to be sold. He tells them that he has nothing against the company but wants them to see society is changing, and same with the industry. Maybe this time, is the time for the company to come to an end. It does appear that he’s not really a bad guy. Lawrence rejects his offer once again but the words have left Lawrence’s father thinking. Lawrence’s father was saying that perhaps the CEO guy was right, because being a real estate agent has been so different now to when he first started the career. Lawrence kept insisting that they can make it through, so Lawrence’s father makes a bet with Lawrence, saying that if [Trustworthy Property] can’t sell more than 10 in the one week, they will shutdown the company.
Lawrence and Yoyo

When Lawrence goes home, he finds Yoyo at his place who has prepared him dinner. it was quite unexpecting since they did break up.. The two were getting along very well (it looked like they were going out again) and Yoyo tells him that in a week’s time, she’ll have to go to Shanghai (work sent her there) and tells him that she knows for this coming week it will be tough and she wants to be there for him ^^ She tells him that she wants to be his girlfriend again, just for the week and he happily agrees. She’ll be preparing dinner for him every night.. ^^how cute lol.. looks like everything is fine between them again, but the voice-over-narrator(being Lawrence’s father) says that on the outside, everyone thinks the two have gone back together, but he knows both of them are still unhappy inside ..not sure why they would be unhappy though..was it because of the current situation about the business? Either way, I was just happy to see the two being together again, even though its for a short while.

The Battle continues

Things still aren’t going very well…for the 4 days that has passed, they only got 4. In one instance from the crowd of people and all the pushing and shoving, Lawrence and his father couldn’t get through and Lawrence’s heart problem started reoccurring again X.x They sent him to hospital and the doctor said he’ll need to do another operation again =( ; but the doctor has confidence that the operation would be successful. Another one down..and they only have 3 days left, in which the last 3 days, Lawrence would not be able to help out..

The Hospital Scene

At the hopspital, Yoyo was with Lawrence; she was frowning the whole time. Lawrence asked whether she was worried, and she said she was, and in return he was smiling back and comforting her saying it’ll be fine. She tells him continue to rest more etc asking him whether he rememebers what’s the 7th rule he said he’ll obey when they were going out. ‘Listen to everything you say’ Yoyo was saying how she is still her girlfriend so he must listen to her XD Lawrence asks Yoyo to marry him one of those moments I’ve been waiting for..awww… lol The convo was something like this (not 100% correct)

L: “Ling, marry me”
Y: “‘ok, but I’m not having kids’
L: ‘But I’m afraid my father would want that’
Y: “mm..at least 5 years”
L:”Come on, 3 years”
Y: “ok, let’s comprise, 4 years”

They are so cute…XD of course was hoping they were being serious, somethimes it makes me wonder what they are thinking =x Why can’t they just make up?Their happy convo ends when Yoyo leaves and as she is walking away, she looks sad again..I wonder whether she’s still worried about Lawrence…or?
The Decision

The workers at [Trustworthy Proeprty] is starting to lose hope, they only have 3 days left, and two out of the four they got were by Lawrence and he’s in hospital now. Yoyo comes back to help and the encouragement and spirit continues. While out working to sell the building, Raymond comes along with his bunch and starts insulting and making fun of them, saying mean stuff about the little they are getting etc, and snatching their customers..Ben and Carlo were getting angry, but Yoyo tried to calm them down, saying they must ignore him, but they couldn’t stand it and the 2 guys ended up causing a fight and making a scene. The head of the business who owns that block of land was speaking to Lawrence’s father and Raymond, taking about the fight they had in public. He refused to let [Trustworthy Property] sell their land anymore because they started the fight. Eventually, with Lawrence’s father begging him to give them a chance to let them dothe final day (one day left), they allowed them. Things were going so bad..and out of the meeting, Raymond continued to say mean things, and mentioned Lawrence dying etc. At this moment, one of the high ranked guy of the new land heard (he was a good friend of Lawrence’s father) and was angry at his words (he treats Lawrence’s son as his own) so he didn’t allow Raymond to sell at this region again. whoopy ^^ That old guy is cool lol Btw, this is not the first episode he appeared ^^; After seeing that its only cause pain for everyone, the agents getting in a fight because of the company, seeing his 3 old buddies trying to help by handing out advertisements, seeing his son in hospital, and not seeing any miracles that can occur, Lawrence’s father decides to give up, not even letting the other agents battle til then end T_T It was a sad scene where he was yelling at the agents and telling them to go away, saying that [Trustworthy Property] will be closing and that everything they did is useless etc Seeing Natalie and the other lady cry was sad..and sorta touching to see how much the agents tried to convince Lawrence’s father to change his mind..you could tell they had been with the company through all this time they didn’t want to let it die. The way the four of them were outside the company made it feel like they were kicked out of their own homes..so sad..seemed like there were homeless..
The Final Day

Yoyo and Lawrence’s father were at the hospital watching Lawrence go in to do his operation and offering words of comfort about the business. On the other hand,th4 agents went back to the scene with the new building, wondering if they should continue to work for the last day.. Nancy and the rich guy came along, everyone was crowding over to try to sell to them, but they told them to go away, and that they are only looking for [Trustworthy Property]!!! ^__^ They were willing to invest and help them buy lots ^^ The rich guy is sure nice lol ^^ For once he looks genuinely nice Then a lot of other customers came saying the same thing about only wanting to find [Trustworthy Property]!!! =D The miracle did occur, they were able to make 28 in the last day ^^

Narrator (Lawrence’s father)’s telling of the ending

This part was a bit weird, and a bit rushed..

Lawrence did eventually come out of hospital after the successful operation. The company has made a break through, and Trustworthy property is now well established with lots of customers. Everyone is happy again, Ben treated his wife a lot better now that she is pregnant they look a bit old to have kids in my opinion but anyways lol Lawrence’s father eventually died a month later because of some brain cancer (?) Weird thing was that he was narrating about his own death o.0?. Dr. Hong didn’t cry when he left, but regularly came down to his house to keep it tidy and maintain it. Everything was kept the way it was You can see the photos, a lot of them were the family of the four of them ^^ Lawrence, his father, Dr,Hong and her son. He also said that when Yoyo and Lawrence were with him just before he left (in hospital) the two didn’t say anything, they stood and cried, but he really wanted to talk to them, but couldn’t so sad they had to make him die….=( The only regret he had before he died was not being able to see Lawrence and Yoyo get back together. Yoyo did evenutally go and work elsewhere and the two didn’t keep in touch…but he belives that their relationship will not end just there ^^
Last moments

Lawrence bumps into Raymond and it appears that Raymond has changed a lot since they last met And I mean a lot! lol you can tell just from his voice, there’s not longer the fake sarcasm or tone that makes him seem like he’s really happy in every situtation Its his real self, one that doesn’t exaggerate. After having shifted away to another division, Raymond hasn’t been back for awhile. He tells Lawrence that Lawrence’s father actually went to see him before he left and after the talk they had, Raymond really learn something and it was the true happiness and satisfaction for helping people find the house that suited them best. ^^ The two are really good friends now..and Lawrence’s father must be proud to see his two followers are continuing carrying forward what he couldn’t finish..

One day when Lawrence was taking the dog for a walk, it suddenly ran off, and Lawrence started chasing it. It ended up running to Yoyo ^^ The two finally meet after not sure how many years of separation. She tells him that she’s here for a short trip and will be going soon. Hopefully the next time she gets to stay here longer, she’ll go and visit [Trustworthy Property]. She also told him to look after the dog more carefully lol As she was about to leave, lawrence calls after her and asks whether they can have a drink. She accepts, and the two walk off happily together with their doggy^^

Personally I think the two will end up together again ^^ You just know after watching that scene…The two have an interesting relationship..All goes well for everything and everyone..only sad thing is Lawrence’s father, how he had to die..but it wasn’t sudden and we were given hints through the last episodes where his head started hurting so I don’t think it was random..Looking at the photos of the four of them (Dr.Hong, son etc) made it all very comforting ~ I feel happy for Raymond’s character too, because he finally found wheere his true happiness was.. ^^ Yoyo’s father has also changed, and is now working hard as a cook to hopefully be a better father and better husband, they are one happy family now ^^

4 Responses to “[At Home with Love] Episode 20 Final”

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    aww AHWLs ending is really well done! very wellrounded, it seems to give the answer to most of the issues.
    this series has an enjoyable storyline…
    the only thing is, why is it that trustworthy property only succeeds with the ‘help’ of friends? i would have hoped that lawrences prowess as a real estate agent would have secured them more success.
    the last episode was nice, but i dont understand why law asks yoyo to marry him? and i dont understand how law accepts yoyo back as his gf for one week? its sweet but slightly strange xD
    its also really sad how they can actually separate for an indeterminate amount of time…and then meet together. why did they have to separate? =[

    thanks to K for posting every episode regularly, and writing the most wonderful, in-depth analysis’ of 20 full episodes!

  • KTVB says:

    I guess when they’ve “got friends” to help, its also got to do with their previous established reputation and loyal customers who have gained lots of help from them in the past..who has decided they only want to find [Trustworthy Property] to help them.. I do think it would be pretty hard to compete with such large businesses, esp if their prices under cut their one by heaps..

    Lawrence asking Yoyo to marry him was abit unusual, but do think that to some extent he wanted to, but ‘knew’ it was no possible since they haven’t gotten back together yet, but wanted to see her response.

    Yoyo no longer works for the other company, so there shouldn’t be anymore problems between the two, except for the fact she once betray him. Lawrence was the one who said to break up with her; I think for Yoyo to be his girlfriend for a week was really nice of her, but what more can she do? She doesn’t blame him for what he said to her. Lawrence, on the other hand, seems to have forgiven her, but not making his move to make up with her (until the end)

  • didn’t like the ending… its one of those hanging ones that dun really end…. u watching “to grow with love” now? … i love it so much!!! ive finally finished my exams!!! yeah!!! now imma going to work on my website!!!

  • KTVB says:

    Its still a happy kinda hanging series lol

    Haven’t started “To Grow with Love ” yet..still doing exams *sigh*

    Hope to see more updates from ur site =)

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