November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 18

2 more episodes to go…

Lawrence’s father told Yoyo not to tell Lawrence that she has left, until he gets better…I feel so sorry for Lawrence, knowing Yoyo is lying to him..and that he will soon find out… as expected, he did find out on the day he was able to leave the hospital when he took Yoyo’s coat and all her business cards fell out of her pocket…

He confronted her once they got back home, and Yoyo kept denying that she was betraying them, but she is doing it for the money to repay debt and fund her brother to study overseas in a years time. Lawrence said he’ll try figure something  about the money problem, and that her brother isn’t going overseas until a years’ time. But no matter how many times Lawrence told her to quit her job and come back, she refused, saying he was being unreasonable…aiya… and that he’s just angry now..If I was him, I wouldn’t be able to accept that fact either…Yoyo said it was best to give them both time to think about it..

This episode made me wonder whether what Yoyo was doing was right…or not. I’ve been leaning against her being wrong, in that she has betrayed Lawrence and went to work for the other one because of money. *sigh* But the word ‘betray’ doesn’t seem to exactly describe the situation though, because she still wants [Trustworthy Property] to do good. But then again, same goes with the other agents who quit [Trustworthy Property] and I still reckon its called betrayal. I do feel sorry for her at times though, because she tried to help Ben and Carlo when they asked her to give some of the other blocks of land to them, but Raymond found out, and it seemed like Yoyo was the one who deliberately stuffed them up.

One part I found very unreasonable was when Yoyo’s brother told her that he didn’t want to go and study overseas and she fully forced him to…things like that annoys me. Happens all the time, they say they are doing it for the best of the other’s future, despite whether they want to or not..if it wasn’t for the money for her brother, she wouldn’t have to have gone over to the competitors…seems like she’s being so selfish..

I think Lawrence’s character is a very likeable. He seems to be getting along with Dr. Hong and her son very well now, and even let her son come over to his place to play with his dog and play video games together, having their little convos about their parents..asking the boy if he minded his mother going out with such an old man. He said he doesn’t mind because he really cares them etc. He hasn’t seen his mother this happy before, and as long as they love each other, he’s happy for them. I think Lawrence has come to realise, the boy being so young has understood something he didn’t =)

Lawrence eventually heard from the others Yoyo was deliberately stuffing up [Trustworthy Property]. Nancy was saying she won’t believe Yoyo would do such a thing, but the rich guy kept telling him to dump her.

 At the end of the episode,  Lawrence told Yoyo he wanted to break up with her…  T_T

One Response to “[At Home with Love] Episode 18”

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    oh dear. just read your ep 18, k! well. whyyy is yoyo deliberately boycotting his company? its bad enough that she joined his rival…but i cant believe law actually broke up with her either. i wonder how yoyo is going to respond. i hope she doesnt just shrug it off and go away! =[ *cry*


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