November 2006

[At Home with Love] Episode 17

This episode was neat..

Yoyo finds out that her mother has let Raymond repay all her father’s debt ..geez…how annoying are her parents? ? She doesn’t seem to care at all  ??!!  Yoyo ends up going to Raymond’s place telling him she’ll pay him back because she doesn’t want his money It was so obvious he was doing it to get Yoyo to work for him >< At first, Yoyo was staying firm on her position saying she’ll never betray [Trustworthy Property] and leave, but the more Raymond talked about money, her low income, how she doesn’t have enough money for her brother to study overseas etc ..you can see Yoyo is slowly convinced and considers it…. >< arh…
Lawrence and his father’s relationship mended back together ^^ better than ever (I don’t think they will have any more arguments for the remaining of the series) At first, Lawrence’s father kept saying what he did was right, and that he didn’t do anything wrong while Lawrence was very upset and angry. During this time, Lawrence’s father kept thinking about the past etc , his son won’t talk to him..While Lawrence’s father was at the lawyer firm, Lawrence rang him from the hospital and asked him whether he remembered his 8th birthday. At that time, he was at home with his mum waiting for him to come home but he didn’t come home til very late and told him he can make a birthday wish, he will make it come true. Lawrences’ father said he remembered, but up until now Lawrence still has not told him what he wanted. Lawrence replies, he decided on the wish now…and that was to not sell Trustworthy Property….awwww…I really feel the father-son relationship..at this point, you just know Lawrence’s father would change his mind. I think if Lawrence’s father didn’t do it, he can probbaly never face his son again.. After hearing those words, Raymond and the lawyer came, taking him to the room to sign the sale of the business contract, and he declines, saying he’ll never sell [Trustworthy Property] ^^ yay!
Lawrence’s father tells him to leave the business to him until he gets better =) Along with Natalie and Yoyo, the three went to find the other 3 agents that left, and managed to convince them to come back ^^

Slowly, Lawrence doesn’t seem to hate the women anymore(Dr. Hong) or her son anymore. Her son was actually being nice to him. I think the main part which made Lawrence like the boy (even though he didn’t say) was when the boy tells him that there’s a fairy at some mountain and that if they go up there, the fairy will grant any wish. Later on in another scene, Lawrence’s father tells Yoyo and Natalie that when Lawrence was still young, he believed in something similiar… ^^
Lawrence undertakes the operation and it was successful..

Everything seems to have light again..except Yoyo…you can see she’s guilty through the series…at the end of the episode, Yoyo tells Lawrence’s father that she doesn’t want to work for them anymore… >

2 Responses to “[At Home with Love] Episode 17”

  • brisk says:

    i kinda feel sorry for lawrence….he loses his health, business, n girl…i hope he makes a big comeback!…hehe….

  • ~*aims*~ says:

    ep17 was…indecisive. law gets his business back, in the sense that it was both good and bad for law…and its hard to decide what is going to happen xD and his operation was a success etc…but what about yoyo?

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